Informations and contact for artists

We provide/organize

  • Equipment (see below)
  • Technical support - We handle the technical aspects ourselves and do our best, but we're not professionals :)
  • GEMA fees
  • Event organization and promotion (website, Instagram)
  • Refreshments for the performers for free - We offer homemade rosemary fries, vegan/vegetarian seitan kebabs, a grill stand in case of good weather and homemade cakes from our Lozzi café bakery. 
  • And of course, all the necessary insurance, permits, and other expenses that come with the event.
  • You're welcome to pass around a hat or set up a donation box at the entrance with our prior consent. However, experience has shown that the hat is more profitable for the performers.
  • Upon agreement, we can offer a small fee.
  • We're not a concert hall, and at a small stage without admission fees or consumption requirements, it's simply not possible to pay additional fees without support. If you have any further ideas or requests, please let us know and we can discuss the implementation together.
  • You're welcome to bring friends; just let me know, and I'll reserve a table by the stage.

On-site equipment

  • PA with 1x monitor and 16-channel digital Soundcraft mixer
  • 3x microphone stands
  • 2 x SM 58, 1x SM 57
  • 1x boundary microphone
  • XLR cable for 2 musicians with vocals and instruments
  • Our stage measures 2x3 meters.
  • If possible, bring a few spare cables
  • It's sadly not possible to bring your own sound system/amplification !


Unfortunately, noise and neighbors are a constant concern for us too. Therefore, we kindly ask that you do not bring a drum set and use alternatives instead. We're sorry about this limitation, but it's necessary for sound protection reasons. A Cajon or E-Drums are a proven alternative.



  • Our small stage is located in our tent, with open sides all year. 
  • Our beautiful location is unfortunately dependent on the weather. If it's raining heavily, our café will be closed. In this case, we will find an alternative date for the performance. However, we cannot provide compensation for cancellations.

Directions / arrival

  • Please be on-site 40 minutes before the performance. If your setup requires more time, please arrive earlier and let us know so we can plan accordingly.
  • You can park at the “Siegenburgerparkplatz” (Siegenburgerstraße 43) for loading and unloading your instruments. It's about a 5-minute walk from there to the café. We don't have direct car access to the park as it requires a special permit to drive there. We kindly ask you to consider this as the penalty for non-compliance is very high. However, we have a handcart at the café that can be borrowed.
  • When you arrive, please check-in at the blue café wagon, so we know you're here. They will introduce you to your on-site contact person who will handle the technical aspects.

For your concert, please send us !

  • Photo(s) and a short text for the website (until 2 month before your concert)
  • Completed GEMA list. Here we send you a upload-link right before your concert.

Questions and communication

Our office is closed on weekends, so please send any questions by Friday noon!


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